The importance of back links

In order to get your website noticed by other people you wouldn’t want to get your site on to page one of the major search engines. The main search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, the main one is Google because they have over 80% of the total search volume. And in fact in the UK, for local search volume they have 98%. So they are the ones to impress more.

So we know what we want to achieve, but how to get there?

It is nearly all down to a SEO, that is search engine optimisation. Essentially, there are two main categories of SEO alone and that is on-site SEO and offsite SEO. On site SEO is what you do with your website in order to make sure that it is friendly to the search engines, whereas off-site SEO is predominantly about gaining back links from other web properties on the Internet.

Without going into too much detail the main factors that you want to take care of as regards to on site optimisation of the title tags the meta content and the link navigation on your website. Although Google does not give any importance to the meta content on your website any more, it is important because whatever you list under the meta content on your web page that is what Google will then pull for any results it displays in its search engine. This way you get to choose what sentence or sentences appear in the results page rather than leaving it up to Google alone.

Now we get to the main purpose of this article which is back links.

There is only so much that you can do with optimising your website itself so great deal of the additional work is going to be collecting links round the Internet all pointing toward your site. It is for this reason that many people decide to employ the services of an SEO company or individual as they soon find out that getting back links is one of the most boring tasks in Internet marketing. It is also something that has to be continually done. (Unless you are in a very uncompetitive niche).

There are many factors that determine the quality of any back link pointing toward your site. The best back links will be those coming from a site that is having a great deal of authority within the eyes of Google and on which your back link is what’s called contextual and is part of the main content of the page. As an example I have made the word contextual a live link pointing to a wiki about the word.

Getting such quality links is not that easy because either you have to pay for them or you have to give a corresponding link to their site on your own website and if your website is not having that much authority at the moment then there is little reason for the person to give you a link on their site.I hope that makes sense!

For this reason it is very tempting for people to just go out and start blasting thousands and thousands of low quality links towards their site. This does bring some kind of benefit however the quality of the links are usually so low that many will not even be indexed in Google search engine to begin with anyway, and those that do you need so many in comparison to just one high quality link. For this reason people are in the search engine optimisation industry have developed what is called a pyramid strategy.

The pyramid strategy is simply to gain high quality links pointing towards your own website and below that some quality links are pointing towards those high quality links and then below that there are the low quality links or pretty much spam type links pointing to the semi-quality links. What this does is essentially funnel the power of the link juice as it is often called upwards towards the high quality sites which will contain one or two links in the content on the site pointing towards your own money site or target sites pages.

Example of a link pyramid:

link pyramid

Some of the better high-quality links of those that you can obtain from putting good quality articles and other content such as videos and pictures onto any one of the highly regarded social sites such as WordPress, scribed, blogger etc. additionally comments placed on authority blogs are also very good means of obtaining high quality links.

Are you getting dizzy yet? To do this all by yourself will take a great deal of time. And for that reason it is usually best to either in employee an outsourcer to do the task for you or use some automated or semiautomated software instead.

The best semiautomated software that I can suggest is a application called a SeNuke . Although you still have to set up the campaigns it cuts the total time down significantly because once the campaigns are set up they can all be run automatically when you do not have to touch anything again until your next run. If you’re interested in finding out more follow this link towards SeNuke. By going to see nude using that link you will get a 14 day free trial within which time you should really be able to know whether you are going to benefit from using it or not.

If you want even more automated system then I suggest you check out this service known as Linksboss which literally once you have set up the account for the website or sites that you want to promote it is completely automated. I like this one myself as it is fully automated and provides a 1,000 anchor text links per month.

Productivity and how to get the best out of your time

If you are in business of any kind whatsoever, then one of the things I’m sure you must be experiencing, and that is the essential need to be organised and effective in time. I would hazard a guess that there is nothing more damaging to your business and your personal life then the mis-management of time. Even if you have great abilities skills qualifications help and all manner of other facilities, if you are not able to manage your time effectively then all of that can go to waste.

How do I know? Because I have been a victim of my own in mis-management of time. It has cost me a huge amount both in stress as well as loss of earnings due to it in efficiencies, procrastination is, and just general mis-management. That is why I highly recommend getting yourself sorted out as far as your time is concerned.

One of the simplest ways of getting your time sorted out is to start writing down your daily goals or to-do list you can call it. The beauty of this method is that all it requires is a pen and paper; nothing sophisticated. Just write the first three priorities that you have to get done today, and then add the other tasks that are not so important. By doing this simple task every morning or infect even better still would be the night before, then you will immediately start to find yourself being more focused and efficient with your time.

There are many ways in which you can start working more efficiently. One of those for instance is that I am actually dictating this article itself by using a voice to text dictation software. Although this voice to text application is available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista and perhaps other operating systems, the one I prefer to use is Nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking. I am using version 11 and there are hardly any mistakes when I am dictating. Now, as I can hardly type at all, that is I am a one finger typist, voice to text dictation software enables me to get a lot of content produced which otherwise I would simply not be able to do.

This is just one example of software that can make your time more efficient plus one example of how to organise your day. I will give more examples and suggestions in my following posts.

Have a great day.


Ed Dale’s Challenge 2011..Are You Taking It?

Since 2005 Ed dale, now a well known internet marketer, has run a challenge lasting, you guessed it, 30 days, in which you learn to start an online business and aim to earn $1. The $1 is just to prove to your self that you can make money online. I have taken the challenge twice before and very much enjoyed it. For one reason it was full of very clear and useful content teaching in a step by step way how to do each part of setting up an online business.

Several steps are covered:

  • Market and niche research and selection
  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Setting up a Blog or site
  • Adding all the plugins and widgets
  • Producing content
  • Social site integration and getting yourself noticed
  • and many more

The entire training is free, and you also usually get a good deal on any software that you may need during the Challenge. The software is made free for the tasks you need it for, but there is an upgrade after the challenge ends.

I am going to take it this time too, but I will be starting a little later due to other training I am involved in. So perhaps I will meet you on the Challenge.




The Importance of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages are becoming more and more important in marketing, both for the multinationals and also for small local businesses. When you notice big companies adding their Facebook fan page to their stationary, then you know that it is something that is here to stay…at least for a few years.

The beauty of Fan pages is that they can be set up without too much difficulty and with a few addons, they can be used for all sorts of tasks useful to businesses especially.

Some of those options are:

  • Gaining opt in subscribers to your mailing list so that you can follow up with them to inform them about your products and services, or to just keep in connection with.
  • Polls to find out at a glance what your Fan Page visitors find important.
  • Link out to your own website or a site that you are affiliated with.

Ther is a great article I came across that shows how to carry out the SEO on your Fan Page so that you get teh best chances of it coming onto G’s first page.

With 750 million users of facebook and that number stilll growing it is certainly worth getting your self and or your business noticed via a fanpage.

Google Local Placement Pages – Why Are They Important?

One of the services that I offer my clients who run what I call offline businesses, that is they have a brick and mortar concern, is Google Places set up and support. Surprisingly, there are so many businesses that are yet to claim their Google Local Placement page, yet they are specifically designed by Google to allow any business to have a local placement page on which they can list all their business services and products, their opening times, contact details and website address.

Not only that, but pictures and videos can be loaded onto the placement page which also helps get it high rankings.

Of course, although anyone can claim their Google Places page, there is a fair bit of research required to make sure that the right keywords are chosen, otherwise, the page will not rank fro the most suitable keywords for your business.

A Places Page will also need to be regularly updated in order to maintain and improve its position in the search results.

Google have also provided a means to offer discounts that can be run for certain durations which have been proven to be great at getting business through the door.

I am right now in the process of creating a Google Places video ‘How to’ tutorial that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to set up your Place page so that you get the best return.

Until I get my product created, I can recommend teh following as a great tutorial for Google Places

Let’s Start at the Beginning – Always a Good Place to Begin!

After quite a long time I have decided to actually set up a blog ion my own name. So here it is. My intention is to share information about Internet Marketing that will be relevanyt to both those who are themselves Internet Marketers as well as business people and tradesmnen who want to learn about Internet Marketing.

Additionally I will offer a journal of my journey as an Internet Marketing Consultant and provider of internet related products and services.

As I am very much into self development I uintend to talk a lot about that too. So let’s see how it goes.